mobile apps


This app designed for mobile devices and contains tools, that increase your productivity on touch screens. We trying to make designing fast, like on the desktop, and mobile - to work in the field. 


App contains 2D drawing tools, in each step you could edit new entities with precision. Auto entity analyzes the drawing path and can recognize a segment as:

* Polyline

* Arc

* Circle


Also, you can use tools, that draw certain type of entity:

* Polyline

* Circle

* Multiline

* Text, MText

* Table entities

* Hatch with patterns

* Cloud, Marker for markups


Edit your drawings with snap and grip points just like on computer. Also you can set length/angle values to entities - this tools uses a parametric engine, specially designed for touch screens.


Edit your drawing with a set of frequently used CAD tools:

* Move, Copy, Scale, Rotate

* Undo, Redo

* Offset, Mirror

* Join, Explode

* Send-To-Back, Bring-To-Front

* Entity Filter Tool


Measuring tools contains:

* Distance measurement (supports 2D and 3D)

* Area measurement

* Ortho measurement tool

* Position tool (2D and 3D modes)


You could connect your rangefinder to this App. It supports:

* Bosch GLM50C
* Bosch GLM100C
* Bosch GLM120C
* Leica DISTO D110, D1, D2
* Leica DISTO D510, D810, S910
* Leica DISTO X3, D8


Also you could use layers, layouts, views, color management in this App. 

Plot drawing to pdf/jpeg images, or directly to AirPrint device.


You can work with drawings from any source: iCloud, Dropbox, Google Drive, email, or use internal storage. Share drawings by email, Files or other App.

If you need more info about CadPoint or have any questions, please, contact us using email form and we will respond to you as soon, as possible.