Cad Editor

Room Scanning

Indoor surveying will help you to estimate size of the rooms and location of interior objects. App detects objects like floor, ceiling, walls, doors, windows, tables and seats. Of corse you can mark the position of outlets, communications, pictures etc. Results are saved in separate layers. 

Volume Measurements

Measure the volume of complex objects. It can be a pile of sand, gravel, natural terrain or groundwork, volume of goods, construction etc. The measurements accuracy depends on camera flight distance. It is about 1.5% of the measured line length and 2% and 3% for area and volume respectively. Full description available in PDF.   




Field Surveying

Use Your iPhone or iPad with LiDAR for surveying objects. Add additional lines, points, areas or volume objects. Results are saved in Dwg. Analyze captured data in LidarCad viewer or export to other CAD apllications.

View and edit your drawings with LidarCad. It supports dwg/dxf file format. Connect your Bluetooth rangefinder and use measurents into drawing. We have described the functionality of the editor in a pdf file.