RePacker App supports iPad Pro and iPhone Pro mobile devices. Avaliable in AppStore by link:

Repacker allows to measure baggage, hand luggage, parcels. It helps to determine size for goods and optimize delivery


You are able to input custom box size and visually check limits for oversize or use one of predefined box sizes: 

  • Personal Item
  • Carry-On
  • Small Box
  • Medium Box
  • Large Box


Repacker uses built-in Lidar sensor for measurements. The reliability of results deppends on environment, scanning quality, and measurement acuuracy. Before scan place your items on flat surface. When scan started and structural meshes appears, press Pack button to determine sizes. Scan items on each side before create fit box, or push on pack button multiple times to reach better results.


It is possible to measure objects with minimum side 6 cm, and total starting from 30cm (W+L+H). Do not scan transparent items. It will cause wrong results due to physical properties of laser measurements.


Note, the Lidar sensor is built into the iPhone Pro version and iPad Pro (released 2020 and later). 



RePacker Tool


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